“To us, effectiveness means achieving a desired result with the least effort “

About Us

Time is democratically distributed. No matter what country and culture we come from, we all have 24 hours a day. Most of us try to divide these hours into sleep, leisure and work. The fact that we have 24 hours at our disposal is by no means a new concept. One would think that a balanced distribution of this time would be easy by now. But our own brain finds it difficult to calculate time. It is easier to get the salary to meet the monthly expenses than to have the time to meet the monthly tasks.

Since 1995, Petra Brask & Partners have teached effective time management methods in Sweden and all over the world. We focus on increasing quality for both the work team and the individuals. Our goal is to help you achieve more with less, to take control of your time and release more creativity and energy in your everyday life.