Looking for a very experienced speaker who, with great passion and clarity, shares their tips on freeing up time and managing stress?

Petra Brask & Partners have long experience in helping participants to become more efficient. Our audiences always give us top marks. Our speakers, who are well-prepared entertainers, have an assured stage presence, and their talks are always based on evidence-based facts. A talk given by us is just as well suited to 500 people as it is to smaller groups, everything from businesses to public services.

For 25 years, we have coached and trained people in effectiveness, both in Sweden and abroad. Using our methods, the participants learn to free up their time and energy – they get more done without working more.

Our participants learn to manage stress, and they feel that they have time and can get done what they had planned to do.


"Today, training with PB & Partners has become a natural part of the culture at Icebug"

Tom Nilsson

"A more efficient outlook saves time and also makes you work with the right thing at the right time and thus get rid of the leaven."

Emelie Ekelund
Boklok Housing

We always deliver a bespoke inspirational talk tailored to your organisation’s wants and needs. For more information and bookings, please contact us.

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