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Our training courses and talks provide you with effectiveness techniques and the latest effectiveness research. We tailor the content to make it relevant to you and your organisation.

Our methods are developed based on current brain research. To reinforce habits and behaviours that promote effectiveness, we combine decision-making with planning, structure and team effectiveness.

OBS! Alla utbildningar kan och rekommenderas att göras online enligt folkhälsomyndighetens rekommendationer för att minska spridningen av covid-19. 

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Personal effectiveness

Give your organisation a unified goal-oriented approach and a common effective work culture. We give you the tools to free up your time for value-creating work and a sustainable working life.

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More effective Teams

A half-day training course that gets your team to its aha moment about a new way of working. The training course gives you the tools to get up and running and use Teams more efficiently.

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Kommer snart!

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Effektivare Outlook

En halvdagsutbildning som ger dig konkreta verktyg för att hantera och effektivisera Outlook och ditt mejlflöde.

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More Efficient OneNote

A training course for those wanting to get quickly up and running with OneNote but also for OneNote users wanting to use it more efficiently.

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An exclusive, individual training course for managers. It comprises four 2-hour sessions, and we tailor the training course to your wants and needs.

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Stress management

This training course focuses strongly on examining your current situation and providing inspiration and facts as well as tools for creating a balance in your 24-hour day.

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More effective workflow

A seminar day where we combine theory with workshops in which the group is given well-proven tools and methods to highlight and map its workflows.

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More efficient Outlook

A half-day training course that gives you the tools to manage and streamline Outlook and your email flow.

Öppna Onlineutbildningar

VÅR 2020

31 mars - 1 april

7900 sek

Personlig Effektivitet Online

22-23 april

7950 sek

HÖST 2020

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